The film about the Republic of Buryatia

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Folklore of the Buryats — oral folk art, began to develop in pre-Chinggis Khan times, it was a form of knowledge of life, art perception of the world around. The Buryat folklore consists of myths, uligers, shaman invocations, legends, cult anthems, fairy tales, proverbs, sayings, riddles. Myths about an origin of the Universe and life... Читать далее →


Blacksmithing has been respected by the Buryats from olden days, smiths-darkhaty were usually surrounded with big honor. On beliefs drill, the inhabitant of heaven - heavenly Darkhan Bozhintoy-ubgen was the first smith, each of nine of his sons was an ezhinom-patron of any forge tool. The Buryats had a veneration of iron and objects from... Читать далее →


The religion of Buryatia is not only ancient pagan religion - Shamanism, but also all world religions. The Christianity and the Buddhism, and also their versions and a current, have gained distribution in Buryatia to a large extent, and Islam - a little smaller. The unification of several different religions (religious syncretism) which emergence is... Читать далее →

National food of the Buryat’s

Buryats are a nomadic people therefore this people has own traditions in food. The way of life of nomads demands huge energy costs therefore the cuisine of Buryatia differs by nourishing of dishes and their caloric content. Buryats have been engaged in cattle breeding since ancient times, therefore this people has a huge variety of... Читать далее →

National clothes of the Buryat’s

Buryats are ancient people with a special culture, traditions and spirit which were most clearly displayed in the Buryat national costume. It’s not only is practical, but also is filled with symbols and signs which serve as a key to understanding of all culture of these surprising people. Dressing gowns are the main element of... Читать далее →


The Buryat language is language of the Buryats and some other people of the Mongolian group. Earlier the Buryat language was called the Buryat Mongolian. Language was called Buryat after renaming the Buryat Mongolsky ASSR (in 1923) in the Buryat ASSR (in 1956). It’s distributed in Buryatia, in the Aginsky Buryat District, Akshinsky, Kyrinsky, Karymsky,... Читать далее →

Everyday culture of the Buryats. Part 1

In a previous post we have considered the direction of culture of Buryatia. Now we move to the next section - to daily culture of the Buryats which I will consider in few posts. In this post we will consider at family and household customs the Buryat. And so … The big patriarchal family was the basic social and... Читать далее → Тема: Baskerville 2, автор: Anders Noren.

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